Midland just launched their own tequila brand

Big Machine Records’ Midland just launched their own tequila brand, Insólito. The tequila, made in partnership with Octavio and Alberto Herrera, who own a distillery in Mexico, is available exclusively in Texas in blanco, reposado and añejo varieties. The trio plans to expand the brand nationwide in the future.

“We got to work side by side, and really hand by hand, with the three of us and then with our partners down in Mexico, in putting out what we feel is one of the best tequilas in the market,” said lead singer Mark Wystrach. “If you’re gonna make something, make it good.” Added bass player Cameron Duddy, “It’s allowed us to travel to our neighboring sister country, Mexico, in a series of research and development trips, and to collaborate on things outside of music, which is kind of the perfect side business for Midland. We enjoy [an] adult beverage from time to time, and we also love the Mexican culture.” For more information on Midland, visit www.MidlandOfficial.com.