Glitch In Website Temporarily Allowed Anyone To Register For COVID Vaccine

The Arizona Department of Health Services website had a glitch on Tuesday that temporarily allowed anyone to register for a COVID-19 vaccination.

Various sources told AZ Family that people outside of Phase 1A were able to register for the vaccination.

The website allowed anyone, those who who were not over the age of 65, a medical professional, or educator, to book an appointment after creating and completing the scheduling process, AZ Family stated.

When the website was tested once again on Wednesday, no one was able to schedule an appointment for a vaccination.

It is unclear how long the general public was able to register for the vaccinations.

As of Tuesday, there were only 119,653 vaccines that had been administered out of the 314,750 doses that the state received.

Health officials expect Arizona to receive 140,000 additional doses this week, with about 60,000 that are expected to be used as second round doses.

Arizona is currently considered “the hottest” COVID-19 hotspot with the highest number of COVID-19 cases per day in the entire world.

Dr. Marjorie Bessel, with Banner Health, stated in a press conference, “One in four Arizonans who are tested for the virus are confirmed positive for COVID-19.”

Photo: Getty Images

Source: KGUN9 and AZ Family