NCSO responded to 18 fires while TMF responded to 25 fires

Between October 1, 2020, and January 29, 2021, Navajo County Sheriff’s Office responded to 18 fires while Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District responded to 25 fires. These fires ranged from brush fires to total loss structure fires with an estimated resulting loss of $588,501.00
With the winter conditions, both Navajo County Sheriff’s Office and Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District would like to remind everyone to:
• Have your fireplace inspected and cleaned before using
• Replace the batteries in all smoke detectors twice a year
• Never plug a space heater into an extension cord
• Never use a stove or oven as a source of heat
• Always make sure coals are cold to the touch before disposing
• Have an escape plan for you and your family
• Always have a fire extinguisher available
• Keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children
Remember, that home fires are preventable. It takes less than 30 seconds for a fire to spread, so be prepared by creating and discussing an escape plan. Make sure to teach children that fire is not a toy, rather a tool, and not to hide or be afraid of police or firefighters.
In addition, Sheriff Clouse stated: “Each winter Navajo County Sheriff’s Deputies respond to an increasing number of residential and structure fires due primarily to a lack of adequate heating sources. Our investigations lead us to find that many of these fires may have been prevented by taking the extra steps to be fire-wise in our homes. Please take the time to inspect your furnace, chimney, and electric heaters. Also, make sure to keep furniture and other flammables clear of your heating sources. It’s very unfortunate when a family is displaced, or even worse, suffers a loss of life as a result of a fire.”

Kirk Webb, Fire Prevention Captain with Timber Mesa Fire, also advises that with some of these
fires being roadside fires, remember to take a few moments to ensure trailer safety chains are
properly secured and not dragging on the ground/pavement. Also, regarding residential
structure fires, please consider the possibility of installing residential sprinkler systems. With a
properly working sprinkler system, you increase your ability to survive a structure fire by more
than 80%. At a minimum, working and properly placed smoke alarms coupled with a wellpracticed
fire escape plan with the entire family (including the practice of shutting all doors
while sleeping and the proper use of acceptable indoor heating sources) can greatly increase
your family’s chance of survivability should the unfortunate event of a fire occur in your home.
For more information or fire safety education, which can include crews performing a home
safety inspection, please contact the Fire and Life Safety Division at 928-537-5100, where our
goal is to protect lives and property.